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The biggest ordeal since the company was founded.

Last July (2022), I took on an advertising case that I originally thought would be a long-term special effects post-production case. However, by the time the case was closed, it was already January 2023. My friends who work with me were repeatedly hurt by my frequent complaints: "Change it again! If you change it again, it will be half a year!" As a result, it took almost six months to finish.

To say that this case was a bad case would not be entirely true. The cost was reasonable, the division of labor was clear, and the communication between each role was polite and patient. The biggest problem with this case may be that the traditional corporate structure did not match the scale of my own company. What do I mean by this? The other party's advertising department is paid a monthly salary, while I am the owner and director of a company that has not even hired half of its staff to handle post-production special effects and color correction. If the other party can work overtime every day for a month, they can complete the company's advertising production business for the second half of the year. So, why does the company pay them a salary for 12 months? But for me, if this case is not completed within one month and dragged into the second month, the entire budget is likely to change from rich and fresh to dry and bitter. So, in a nutshell, this cooperation is...

I did my best to cut down on the process, while the other party did their best to follow the process.

Should I blame the other party's employees for this? It doesn't seem appropriate. If this is a single phenomenon within the client's company, then perhaps the entire company is too bloated. But I have encountered this situation twice or three times. Because the previous few times ended unhappily, there is no need to point out the other party. Anyway, they are all similar second-generation descendants of the family-run semiconductor manufacturing industry who want to make a breakthrough, but are accompanied by the decision-making teams and procedures of their fathers who opened up territories.

This case taught me in a shocking way that a case with a high budget is not necessarily a good case. I am still grateful to my friends who pulled strings for me and the manufacturers who gave me the opportunity to work. But before the company's scale and cash flow can support a production period of up to 6 months, I don't think I will take on similar work again.

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