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Taoyuan Night Market - Vietnamese Fried Shrimp Pancake

Exploring New Culinary Horizons: Vietnamese Delicacy "Vietnamese Fried Shrimp Pancake"

Last night, I unexpectedly had the pleasure of tasting a stunning culinary delight – the "Vietnamese Fried Shrimp Pancake" from Vietnam. Usually, I'm not particularly interested in vegetable-based dishes and tend to only rave about those with ample cheese or meat. However, I must admit that this dish truly amazed me.

Customizable Sauce

What sets this food stall apart is its sauce. Instead of providing a small plate of sauce like most places, they place an entire pot on the table for guests to help themselves. This level of freedom is delightful, allowing diners to fully immerse each bite in the sauce and savor its flavors to the fullest.

Delicious Combination

Features a fried batter base topped with fresh shrimp, complemented by basil, shredded green papaya, and chopped scallions. Finally, it is wrapped in a large lettuce leaf and dipped in a special sauce before being savored. Initially, I thought the stars of the dish would be the shrimp and the batter, but as I continued eating, I realized that the combination of lettuce with basil, shredded papaya, and sauce was the true highlight, while the batter and meat merely served as accompaniments.

Price and Value

This "Vietnamese Fried Shrimp Pancake" is priced at 120 NTD, and its value may vary from person to person. However, considering that most stalls at night markets offer similar fare, being able to taste something unique not found elsewhere in the night market is indeed a sudden source of happiness.

The Charm of Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine is renowned for its rich and diverse flavors, as well as its unique combinations of ingredients. With an emphasis on fresh vegetables, spices, and seafood, Vietnamese dishes are beloved by foodies worldwide. Moreover, Vietnamese cuisine places great importance on the perfect balance of color, fragrance, taste, and presentation, offering diners a dual sensory experience.

Delightful Pairings

In addition to the deliciousness of the fried shrimp pancake itself, its accompaniments are equally stunning. The crispiness of the lettuce contrasts perfectly with the crispy texture of the pancake, enhancing the overall mouthfeel. Combined with the refreshing taste of shredded papaya and the aroma of basil, each bite encapsulates the unique flavors of Vietnamese cuisine.

Related Information

Shop Name: Vietnamese Fried Shrimp Pancake Location: No. 29, Beipu Road, Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City 330, Taiwan Opening Hours: 16:00–21:00

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