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SanHao Hot Pot

From the name, you should know what this restaurant is all about. Next to it, there is a great Japanese hardware store to browse. I walked into Sen Hao Hot Pot because the restaurants near the hardware store and my home seemed to be repetitive, and this hot pot place seemed to have some unique features. Initially, when I saw the decor and prices, I didn't think it was cheap, but I was in for a surprise...

More Variety Than Expected

After all the dishes were served, there was hardly any space left on the table, and even placing my camera required some maneuvering. Unlike typical hot pot places, this one allows you to exchange the vegetable plate for meat for free, and you get a full portion of meat. This means the meat you get from the vegetable plate exchange is the same portion and quality as the meat included in the set. There's no reduction in portion size or quality just because it's an exchange.

Another reason why we found the prices reasonable is that the set meals here come with a serving of fried food, a large drink, and a dessert. Moreover, the drink with pearls doesn't come at an extra cost.

Almost every item, from drinks to fried food, soup base, main dishes, and dessert, can be upgraded for an additional charge. If you look closely at the prices, you'll notice that some items are priced at zero, while others can be upgraded for a very low cost.

As shown in the pictures, the fried food and drinks are authentic, not just decorative side dishes. Especially the pearl milk tea my wife ordered, which in some chain stores can cost 60-70 NTD. Coupled with the complimentary fried food (two servings as shown in the top right photo), the overall cost is comparable to that of a budget-friendly hot pot at a night market, yet we enjoyed a sophisticated dinner.

Pork is the Main Attraction?

If, like me, you're a meat lover, you'll notice a curious anomaly on the menu. The lowest-priced pork dish at this restaurant is actually more expensive than the lowest-priced beef dish. Normally, beef should always be more expensive than pork, and if it's the other way around, it should be reflected in the portion size. However, after trying both, we found that the pork here is exceptional. The difference in meat quality was evident from the first bite, even with the nicely marbled beef. This revelation prompted my wife to google and discover that the pork here is exclusively sourced from local farmers, unlike the meat commonly found in cheaper hot pot places, which may be sourced from wholesale suppliers.

Even after coming back to edit the photos, I still believe that if you were to choose based on pictures alone, you'd choose beef a hundred times over. But looks can be deceiving, and I'm glad I decided to try the pork out of curiosity when I first saw the menu.

For me personally, Sen Hao is about great meat, great drinks, and great ambiance. Great ambiance? Yes, we were so engrossed in enjoying our meal that we forgot to capture the tastefully decorated interior and color scheme. Even though we had our cameras with us, we ended up taking pictures of just the meat. As we left, I remembered to capture the storefront sign, but completely forgot to capture the interior decor, which is quite funny.

First of all, a reminder to remember to check out the Japanese hardware store. There are many interesting things there that you can't find in Taiwanese hardware stores, and at the very least, every adult male should go take a look.

For those who don't eat seafood, if you're not averse to it, you should definitely try the double-person set meal. The meal my wife and I had left us comfortably satisfied, so we'll leave the surf and turf combo experience for you to enjoy.

Related Information

Location: No. 32, Wanfu Street, Yangmei District, Taoyuan City

Hours: 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Closed on Mondays)

Phone: 03-4313303

Note: Cash only

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