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FunTo Art X BoxHill Studio Vol.2 : The Future Tense

At the beginning of 2024, I received an invitation from FanTo Art for interactive video production. Crafting customized works that cleverly align with the corporate background and culture is my impression of the organization, but this is not yet their complete profile. In this collaboration with Lion Group, I experienced another magical aspect of their capabilities.

Combining comtemporary dance, street dance, traditional dance, and acrobatics, then creating a commercial platform for them.

Without a commercial framework, artistic dance creations cannot sustain a livelihood. However, people with artistic talent are often unwilling to conform to commercial conventions. How to communicate and collaborate between these two realms is something I still can't fathom how they achieve.

Creating an International Resume

When they first contacted me, the entire FanTo Art team was performing in India. It's rare to see dance performances by Indian groups in Taiwan, and vice versa. For performers in Taiwan, accumulating an international resume is not as easy as one might imagine.

In recent years, the number of Taiwanese people aspiring to become digital nomads has been on the rise, and those aiming to become dance nomads are likely hidden among the new generation of dance arts graduates and young dancers yet to make a name for themselves. During this period, accumulating international work experience is crucial.

We hope to jointly create a framework for collaboration.

In our brief collaborations with Fan Art, there has been minimal alteration to the final products I deliver. This allows me to adjust details from the outset without worrying about a complete overhaul of the overall direction. I believe the performers involved may not have noticed much difference, but if you work in industries like graphic design or illustration, you'll understand.

We are two colleagues who have worked for the same employer in the past. There was a lot of trust and reliance in our work. Looking forward, I hope that we can collaborate on establishing relevant contract and profit-sharing systems, so that when we present ourselves together in the future, we can appear more professional.

First time using 3D objects to add details to each section.

This time, the main visual incorporates a futuristic theme, hence the name. The reason for naming it "Part II" is because there was a previous collaboration titled in The Past Tense that hasn't been updated on the website yet. Mainly because the photos this time were taken by myself, and I'll need to find time to get permits for the photos taken by them from the previous collaboration with the other party.

In the past two years, the development of 3D compositing and special effects has been crucial for BoxHill Studio. However, this year, we sensed significant changes happening in the industry ahead of time, so we have shifted from being proactive to adopting a more cautious approach. After two years of hard work, as shown in the images, incorporating a few 3D elements into the footage is no longer difficult. The quality of the final product is also satisfactory. However, in terms of artistry, we still rely on purchasing commercial 3D models for use, and there are significant obstacles to overcome in terms of originality and customization. In the future, it may require further education or assistance from AI to give greater flexibility to the application of 3D in our work. Otherwise, in the long run, it poses a risk to the partners that collaborating with us.


Infos of FunTo Art :

In my eyes, FanTu Art is an organization that originally aimed to expand the educational landscape, but is now transitioning into creating / finding commercial platforms for artists. I hope for more collaborations in the future and also help them getting more clients.

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