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Do You Miss Your Childhood?

You are not longing for the innocence and carefree days of your childhood, not the mischief and warm breeze of campus. The reason why you think the past is beautiful is because it has become so distant, and distance creates beauty. The childhood you remember is the happy times during summer and winter breaks, the carefree times playing with classmates, and the warm companionship of family singing on your birthday.

But you have forgotten the daily scoldings and beatings from teachers that you couldn't escape, the constant nagging from parents that you couldn't retort. You have forgotten the subjects you tried your best in but still didn't excel. You have forgotten that you couldn't have the hairstyle you wanted, wear the clothes you liked, buy the dinner you wanted, or have your own time and space. Even watching TV in your own living room required reading the air.

You have forgotten What you truly wanted back then, to the best of your knowledge, far from several graduation certificate away...a lifestyle that you were so desired for...

is the miserable adult life you are living in right now.

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