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BoxHill Studio's 2024 Spring Seasonal

Within three months, we should successfully
establish the SOP for virtual scene shooting.

The Unreal learning journey of So Unreal has finally yielded great results.

In the company's second year, I devoted my spare time to learning and creating with the Unreal Engine. I'm thrilled that the company has started producing consistent and passable video works this year. Although "passable" is still far from being able to proudly tell clients, "Don't worry, I can handle it," it is indeed much closer to the complete form I initially envisioned. There are still some unresolved errors, but most are small details that can be avoided through proactive communication with clients and adjustments in approach.

Effective Business Execution and Proper Scale Setting

Without any employees, our focus has gradually shifted from "finding a capable assistant" to "finding the right scale of work." Over three years of operation, we have continually discovered that we cannot continue working with the following types of individuals:

  • Partners who only provide emotional value

  • Partners who only provide pure text output

Elegant PowerPoint presentations and shockingly cheap budget proposals can easily deceive in Taiwan. Therefore, we must not waste our energy on these individuals. In the next 3-5 years, AI will replace these roles comprehensively. AI usually provides information supported by a certain proportion of objective data, unlike people who make empty promises. Although my personality tends to be soft-hearted in making such cuts, and actively cutting off sources of income will cause us some pain, it is fortunate that our 3D production is now at a stage of harvest. When one door closes, another opens. We learn to submit to wisdom as it grows.

Entering my forties, I feel deeply:

The direction is set, and we should proceed and adjust as needed. Opportunity costs do not exist, personnel conflicts do not exist, and self-doubt does not exist. Face unresolved errors and weaknesses honestly, and communicate these issues with clients upfront.

BoxHill Studio's summer

We open our eyes to the sunrise

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