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Color Grade 『Urban』

If I could go back to the first day I started learning color grading, the post-processing style I'm sharing today would be the ultimate goal I wanted to achieve. It involves filling the shadows with a significant amount of blue while pushing the highlights towards yellow. Other colors remain true and unaffected by the stylized rendering, with no loss in saturation. The skin tones appear slightly yellow yet realistic, surrounded by a dark and rich environment. It would be so satisfying if I could apply this style to any footage, but unfortunately, my technique is not yet mature, and achieving such satisfactory color grading this time was partly due to luck.

The weather that day was rainy, but the streets weren't overly gloomy, allowing the camera sensor to capture vibrant colors. The wet asphalt, soaked by rainwater, was easily manipulated to appear dark and deep through color grading.

I hope that one day my skills will progress to the point where I can apply this same color grading style to various types of footage. For now, I'll keep pushing myself every day to improve.

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