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Color Grade 『The End Game』

This is the final episode of the Australia series, and it serves as a culmination of the street photography color grading techniques explored in the past 12 episodes.

When we engage in stylistic color grading, we often apply similar treatments to footage with the same or similar characteristics. These techniques may not necessarily be suitable for footage with significantly different exposure or color parameters. However, all the footage in this video employs the same color grading settings, with adjustments made only for exposure and white balance to create a cohesive look.

Consequently, this color grading approach resembles the creation of a personalized LUT for my own style, allowing me to apply the same color grading settings to all my spontaneous shooting scenarios in the future. With a few minor tweaks, this color grading style will become the preview LUT for my external monitor.

I'm delighted that through this journey of exploration, I have gained a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the fundamentals of color grading. While I acknowledge that there is still much to learn, let us conclude our color exploration journey with the completion of this travel video edit, marking a beautiful endpoint to this adventure.

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