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BoxHill Studio's 2023 Winter Seasonal

I'd like to say that this year is very different from last year, but I found that this year is just the same as last year. The transitional season from autumn to winter is already here, and there hasn't been much of a fall season. I closed my business in July, and I appreciate that it allowed me to take a break for a relatively calm period.

This is my grandmother. My wife and I recently celebrated her 96th birthday. Life goes by quickly, so we all want to stay busy, earn more, and endure a little hardship now. We fear those who may be more talented than us are working harder... well.

This year, I've only taken on five projects. As of today (November 5th), it has already matched the entire annual revenue from the first year of the company.

I've noticed that some clients immediately come to me when they face emergencies or need help, but when I face difficulties, they often express their confidence in me, offer some blessings, and continue with their business. When you feel like you're stepping in to save them, they feel relieved to have you around. But after the crisis is over, they sometimes feel like they gave you an opportunity to work for them, and you should learn to be grateful.

"I don't understand the things you're doing" seems to be their gentle way of declining.

If you were to exclude all these people from your year-round work plan, or only keep those clients who are willing to pay a high price because they need urgent help, and cut out those who don't think much of you and only want to pay a low price, what remains is the work you do sincerely. That's the result for this year.

Thank goodness things went as planned because if it had gone differently, the company might have had to shut down.

This is not a disapproval of other clients but a transition from a worker to a business operator. I'm not the strongest in the industry, and you might think I'm still a novice. But, with my current budget, I'm highly likely to wait for you to run into trouble and come back to me, so I'm willing to wait.

I no longer desperately try to prove my ability or strictly adhere to the principles I set to maintain my kindness. Because I've finally realized that I don't have to dive in and perform an extraordinary feat every time to catch someone who's falling. I'll just take a leisurely walk over and help them up when they're hurting, and the result will be the same.

I'll be entering into discussions for some upcoming projects, and some projects have already contacted me but also secretly sought others, and I've seen through it. This has been a year of strong winds. I hope everyone will find their place after the big changes and be able to maintain the most basic level of health amidst the high pressure and busyness.

My 96-year-old grandmother hurt her back the day before her birthday. I don't think she'll be doing any more flips with a cup of water when no one's looking. This is not to make light of her injury; we all love her. But we truly couldn't help her at that moment.

The fourth quarter of 2023 at BoxHill, and I still haven't put on long sleeves.

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