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BoxHill Studio's 2022 Winter Seasonal Report

2022 is coming to an end, according to the current work progress. This year, the annual revenue of BoxHill Studio will grow by 30% compared to last year. In addition to the gratifying performance on paper, the hidden problems are still worth thinking deeply about.

In the discussion of the part about learning to refuse in the autumn discussion, although it was perfectly implemented in the fourth quarter, new contradictions were also found. That is, when the contact person that interfaces with me is not the core of power or budget, the conditions or principles I put forward are often diluted by the contact person. For example, I hope that there will be no tourists in the scenes I want to shoot. Although the other party fully understands that I am not making trouble, but for the work not to have problems, I put forward such a request. But before the filming, I got the reply "After the customer has considered, they still decide to shoot at a location where it is not possible to clear the scene."

As for how to shoot scenes that are full of tourists, no one tells me the answer anymore.

Such situations happen 3~5 times in 3 months. In the past, when I was meek, I also did it with the mentality of helping the customer to solve difficulties. But when I really summoned up the courage to put forward conditions, I suddenly realized how weak and incapable the people who were in charge of coordination were. And my refusal to compromise is not something that can be conveyed to the other party. How sad is the industry structure that allows work to be exposed to great risks but everyone pretends not to see it? After all, if there are problems, the client's money will also be wasted, and my requirements are not to protect myself and make money, but to prevent the whole work from not being able to deliver. I have also thought about if I can use other parallel jobs to replace my current job, maybe I can avoid such situations. But after actually understanding Taiwan's film and television shooting environment, I think I have been unrealistic...

Communication. Assertive communication.

This will be the first skill that BoxHill Studio needs to prioritize.

Without assertive communication, there is no guarantee of work quality. Without a guarantee, all other employees involved can only go with the flow. Even if we can't change the incompetent intermediaries for now, at least make sure we don't become one ourselves.

Using reverse engineering, correct our own behavior and attitude.

BoxHill Studio's revenue will grow to another level next year, and video production will not be the only focus of the company's operation. Therefore, instead of panicking and scrambling to challenge unknown territories when revenue arrives, it is better to assume that the money is already in place. Use this concept to adjust our physical and mental state in advance. This is the first quarter of 2022's important core for BoxHill Studio.

The previous statement said it was a skill that needed to be prioritized, but now it's the important core for next year, what's the deal?

It's not that, many jobs for next year have already been decided by the end of this year, so communication is something that needs to be changed immediately, and overall change can be phased in after the New Year. There are still many details to be figured out after the overall structure is in place. After all, stepping out of the world of audio and video, there is no support from our 20 years of work experience, it is a completely new field to explore.

BoxHill Studio's 2022, tragic but colorful.

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