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BoxHill Studio's 2022 Summer Seasonal Report

What about the seasonal report for summer? A busy time passed by. Box Hill had a high income throughout the summer, it was very tiring, but also very satisfying. At the end of the busy summer, we welcomed the Mid-Autumn Festival barbecue. This year, the biggest budget entered the interval of blind changes by clients, and the painful feeling of waiting for the case to be closed but not closed. Although waiting is so painful, it also established a new benchmark for autumn.

Establishing a strong refusal of business

What is refusal of business? It is the refusal of others' wisdom index. It is not necessarily the refusal of what one does not want to do, more accurately, it is the refusal of what should not be done. At the beginning of the company's establishment, of course, we had to struggle, but if there is meat in front of us, of course, we should eat the meat first. Will this mentality cause problems later if there are no high-income cases and others are not interested in small income? Of course, it is very likely, but if we do not break through this layer of fear and worry, it is more likely that this year will become like previous years. "To be wealthy but not humane, to acquire wealth in an unjust way."

I never thought I would use this sentence as my motto, but this year, with a house and stable finances, I have had a lot of time to reflect. Compared to the business of previous years, I have refused music production invitations from the church, refused work offered by my mother, and refused film productions with insufficient budgets. I have refused all that I should have refused, unable to attend to human relationships, but also taking care of them.

After working for many years, I naturally have my own standards.

We assume that our work abilities are NFTs, and then lock these abilities in a cold wallet. We look at the company's account cold wallet in the third person and objectively decide who is qualified to use the abilities in the cold wallet. With this mentality, friends are no longer friends, and responsibilities are no longer responsibilities, but accounts that pay to mint tokens.

The creation of the company account is only for the purpose of ending business after achieving financial freedom.

After understanding this, I no longer have any problems with my mentality, because things that couldn't be bought during bull markets can possibly be bought three times without blinking during bear markets, and the next bull market will return to prices that were even more unaffordable before. Like my services, there is no need to compromise for human relationships. To be expensive when it is expensive and to kneel when it should be kneel. The ups and downs are just in line with the times.

With this understanding, I laugh at customers who come and go, changing details that do not affect the overall presentation. I plan financial plans with my wife and a two-week relaxation trip.

The logo of the BoxHill is awesome, right? Polkadot's new UNBOUND font is available for free download:

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