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Best Looking Camera Bags for 2022

What's the difference between a sling backpack and a regular backpack? It's the way you wear it.

with a sling backpack, you can easily reach the lens, battery, and memory card you need to change and you don't have to worry about finding a flat surface or avoiding dust and hygiene issues. Additionally, when I put my backpack on the ground, people are often kind enough to move it to a safe place for me, but then I have to ask for it back when I need to change the lens or memory card.

However, there have been instances where people have stepped on my backpack or tossed it into a corner with the rest of their laundry. To avoid my tools from being ruined by someone's kindness or enthusiasm, I decided to find a way to keep everything on me.

I've also considered buying a daily sling backpack and using a camera insert for work, but it seems easier to just find a camera bag and use it as a regular backpack when not in use.

If someone could make a stylish EDC (Everyday Carry) backpack with Molle system and some smart design on the body, and include a detachable camera insert and dividers inside, I'd really appreciate it!

1. HEX® RANGER BLACKOUT CAMO CAMERA SLING Price: $70 / $100 (two sizes) Official website:

The BlackOut Camo version is highly recommended. If you watch some unboxing videos for reference, it's easy to find that the texture of other colors is completely cloth-like, but the texture of the black heat-stamped version has a significant improvement in style. The bag has two sizes and can hold items roughly as shown in the picture. After some research, most people find that the only downside is that the back strap has no cushion, and it can be painful when the bag is fully loaded with camera equipment. Due to the design of the bag body, the bottom is easily flipped over, reducing the contact area between the body and the bag from the entire surface to a line, and a few people find this compression to be very painful.


Price: $20 Sale page:

The camera bag is only available on Amazon with no official website or other information. It is not a traditional camera bag, but it has some quick access designs, making it worth studying. The bag is only 20 dollars and it was inspired by a number of camera bags from FoxBat Dynamics. The author had an initial idea to buy this cheap bag and add some additional modules, badges, or clips to make it a practical and stylish work bag.


Price: 3600 TWD (bag only) Official IG:

Since we'd talked about EDC bags, let's take a look at the FoxBat Dynamics work bag series. The bags are difficult to buy in Taiwan, but there are many videos of the bags online. The author became interested in these bags after watching a video and they are now intrigued by their stylish design. However, these bags are modular, so the buyer needs to order additional components to make the bag look like the pictures. However, with a little creativity, the buyer can make a unique and stylish bag. The author thinks that the bags are too expensive for everyday use but wishes FoxBat Dynamics success for the future.

4. ONA Bowery camera bag


Official website:

I introduced two products that look like camera bags but aren't earlier. Now I'm introducing a leather bag that doesn't look like a camera bag at all but is one. The reason why I didn't choose this bag in the end should be obvious. If your other accessories in life aren't that impressive, you actually can't support this leather bag. There's a well-designed camera protection cushion inside and the appearance is quite elegant. The back pocket can even fit a tablet. If the outdoor shooting Miss doesn't have a helper to carry her equipment, she should really choose this one. If I carry it, the difference between me and the quality of the bag is too far apart. Otherwise, I like everything about the bag. I'll leave it for someone with more class.

5.Wandrd Roam Sling 9L

Price: 3800 / 5000 / 5500 TWD (3 sizes)

Official website:

Let me introduce the camera bag I got. As you can see from pictures 1 and 4, it is in line with my original goal of being able to quickly change lenses on my chest at any time. Based on this feature, it's not difficult to see how much I struggled between this bag and the 1st Hex bag. Its compartments and caches may not be as tactical as those of the EDC bag from Fox Outdoor, but as you can see from picture 2, its approach is not so focused on camera parts, which means I can also conveniently use these compartments to place my passport and some travel essentials. The buckle on the front of the bag and the extending layers at the bottom allow me to carry a tripod on my person and also a water bottle.

However, now that I have this bag in my hand, I have to mention the disadvantage of this extending layer. Like in picture 3, putting the tripod on the bottom extending layer is not very convenient for me to use. I am afraid the tripod will fall out when I buckle it, and when I try to tighten the elastic strap, I often press the button to loosen it. And when you finally adjust everything to your liking, it becomes too tight to quickly take out. To be honest, I recommend tying the tripod to the LOGO on the front and pulling the left and right buckles tight. When you need to use it, just press the buckle to quickly release it. Put the water bottle below where it should be, put the jacket where it should be, and I do not recommend using the elastic strap for an umbrella. When you finally get it out, it will surely be wet. I'm not sure if this can be overcome by diligent practice, but as a just-acquired user, I am really not used to it.

Besides this disadvantage, I am very satisfied with everything else. The bag feels great and does not have that look good in photos but look not so good in person feeling. The zipper, straps, and interior are all well made and easy to use, with no problems of pulling hard or getting stuck in a corner. I struggled between the 6 liter and 9 liter sizes. Eventually, I listened to my wife and bought the 9 liter, which easily accommodated my A7S3, 90mm, 20mm, and 40mm lenses. It's not so easy to put in the handle when carrying a rabbit cage, but the rabbit cage handle is the most rugged thing in my core work equipment, so if it gets thrown to the side, it's not a big deal.

These are some of the products I considered during my camera bag purchase process, which I would like to share with you. If you're also looking for a camera bag that's not too much of a camera, I hope this article will help you. #CameraBags #EDClook #CameraBagsEDCstyle #StylishCameraBags #FunctionalCameraBags #EDCcameraBags #CameraBagsWithEDCDesign #CameraBagsThatLookGood #EDCCameraBags #CameraBagsForUrbanExplorers #EDCinspiredCameraBags

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