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The company has been established for three years now and amidst a busy workload, I still hope to improve my skills. After a year of learning, I finally succeeded in making money through Unreal Engine 3D compositing, even though it was during the fragments of my busy schedule. If you have been following my blog, you may have discovered that I have successfully produced a similar video last year.

Unfortunately, producing a video is one thing and making money from it is another. Not only do I need to consider if I have the ability to meet the client's needs, but I also need to consider whether the entire video production period will exceed the client's expected advertising launch time before my skills and operations become stronger. The very first 3D compositing video produced by BoxHill Studio that I want to share with you all right now is the promotional video I made for the H4W street dance competition. Since it is a street dance competition, the video should at least be online before the competition begins. We can't make the video after the competition is over, right?

With this mentality, I produced this video and hope you all like it.

Due to budget and technical limitations, many details are unsatisfactory to the naked eye. There were also many mistakes in the communication of the green screen setup. The green screen on the day of the shoot was wrinkled and not ironed. I looked at my colleague / Client who picked up the iron and said "Can it be ironed now?" My faces didn't know whether to cry or laugh. Problems such as communication, money, and software operation inherited the negative energy that exploded since November last year. This pain has made me unable to truly relax and be happy until now when I am sharing this video.

But I know that every major breakthrough is accompanied by a heavy negative energy and heavy obstacles. As someone who has transitioned from music production to AE VFX, I can't say I'm used to this kind of panic and tension, but at least I don't want to escape anymore. Every time I want to complain, a small voice reminds me in my heart to appreciate the client who gave me this opportunity. After all, they gave me complete trust and the freedom to do as I please, without having seen any of my 3D compositing work! #3DAnimation #UnrealEngine #SmallBusiness #Marketing #VideoProduction #Challenges #StreetDance #Advertising #Greenscreen #BudgetConstraints #TechnicalIssues #Improvement #EmotionalJourney

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