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Color Grade 『OneTwo8Hunnid』

When the lighting in the shooting environment is insufficient, post-processing color correction becomes a less creative task. Today happened to be one of those days with very dim lighting and a mixture of different light sources. The restaurant I visited was filled with all the factors that could interfere with each other. Many areas where warm-colored lights would typically be used were illuminated with white light, and even slight changes in angles revealed warm-colored lights or tungsten filament bulb fixtures in different hues. While color correction with hue shifting could usually solve such issues in this environment, the overall lack of light sources on-site resulted in significant noise when the ISO was raised. Consequently, color shifts began causing color flickering or pixelation. Both the shooting process and post-processing may not have been smooth as a result, but they certainly instilled more confidence for encountering similar situations in the future.

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